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Once you got engaged and came down to Earth after the initial excitement, you probably start wondering what you have to do next. There is still one year ahead and it seems you have plenty of time to arrange your wedding ceremony but it’s better to come up with the plan as soon as possible to avoid a mess right before the wedding date. Main thing you have to care about is your wedding to do list. Figuring out what comes next within the 12 months period will help you and your family to thoroughly prepare for such an important day in your life. So, what has to be taken in mind while preparing for your wedding – will be given in the below wedding to do list.

wedding to do list

Right after engagement:

    • First of all, take time and think of your dream wedding – envision the style of the ceremony, decide if it’s going to be big or small, at home or any wedding destination, indoor or outdoor, modern, vintage, extreme, romantic, casual or fancy, etc.
    • Set your budget. You need to define your priorities and know where you can save and where you can splurge.
    • From the moment you will know your budget, you can compile your guest list, choose the venue for the ceremony and reception, set the date. (Before you set the date of the ceremony make sure it does not coincide with family holidays and feasts).

Wedding to do list - Wedding Checklist

10 months before ceremony:

You figured out the global things for your wedding and now it’s high time to go into details.

    • At this point you need to find professionals (photographer, videograoher, officiant, florist, caterer, entertainer etc) and book them as soon as you make up your mind. Popular and quality vendors may be booked even one year in advance so hurry up with the decision.
    • Purchase (or order with tailor) your dress and choose accessories. Your PERFECT dress will never fit you from the first fitting so you’ll have to spend time looking for something that will match both budget and your taste.
    • Book the accommodation for your relatives and friends coming over to your wedding. Consider a hotel close to the reception venue.
    • Your guests might be ready to start purchasing their wedding gifts so it’s time to register at least with 2-3 different retailers.

Wedding to do list - Wedding Planning

Should be planned half a year before ceremony in wedding to do list:

    • It’s time to make arrangements with florist, cake designer, stationer and entertainer. At this time you should decide on your wedding flower décor, cake, kind of music and design of your wedding invitations.
    • Purchase bridesmaids dresses.
    • Plan your bridal shower (number of guests, location and hosts).
    • Plan your honeymoon (destination, bookings, visas, medical appointments).

Wedding to do list - half a year before ceremony

3 months before:

    • Book rehearsal’s venue and time.
    • Finalize: guest list, stationary (invitations, menus, programs, cards), dinner menu.
    • Do preliminary ceremony readings and vows, make a list of people who’d like to toast.
    • Hire a stylist and do make-up and hair trials.
    • Purchase the wedding rings.

Wedding to do list - guest list

60 days before X-day:

    • Make sure with vendors all questions and issues had been sorted out by now.
    • Discuss with photographer where and how you want shots to be made.
    • Prepare the list of songs you’d like to be played at the reception.
    • Send out the invitations 2 months before the wedding date.
    • Take dancing lessons with your partner to impress your guests.
    • Make another dress fitting with the undergarments and shoes.
    • Throw a bachelorette party.

Wedding to do list - two month before wedding

Only 4 weeks before:

    • Prepare your marriage license and check out the requirements for name-change.
    • Final dress fitting.
    • Confirm time for your stylist.
    • Assign seating.
    • Think of your vows.
    • Shop for bridesmaids gifts.

Wedding to do list - Have a great wedding

And the final week has to be scheduled neatly:

    • Reconfirm all details with vendors.
    • Collect your dress.
    • Inform your caterer with the final guest list.
    • Wear your shoes just to get comfortable with them.
    • Pack your suitcases for honeymoon.
    • And book an appointment at spa (for manicure, pedicure and even stress-relief massage and facial care).

wedding to do list - wedding checklist

Wedding to do lists don’t stop at day X. You still have your honeymoon ahead of you! But for now, try to stay relaxed and don’t forget to thank the guests and your spouse for all efforts made.

Top 10 on your wedding to do list:

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